Online & Offline Editing

ONLINE EDITING Better thought of as the finishing stage, is where you’ll reconnect those low-resolution files to the original, full quality footage. This is also when color correction, effects work, final titles, and audio are brought into the film. It’s at the end of the online stage that you export your completed film. OFFLINE EDITING … Continue reading Online & Offline Editing


Linear & Non Linear Editing

LINEAR EDITING The simplest form of linear editing is called assemble editing or deck to deck. This is when you copy the "good" parts of a tape over to a new tape and repeat the same process until the whole program is finished. Linear editing is simple and inexpensive method of editing. NON LINEAR EDITING … Continue reading Linear & Non Linear Editing


DPI : Dot’s per inch. The number of dots in a printed inch. The more dot’s the higher the quality of the print (more sharpness and detail). PPI : Pixels per inch. Most commonly used to describe the pixel density of a screen (computer monitor, smartphone, etc…) but can also refer to the pixel density of a … Continue reading Resolutions


RGB ( RED, GREEN, BLUE)   RGB is the color process TVs and monitors use. Red, green, and blue light is mixed together on screen to   make the full spectrum of colors. RGB for Digital Purpose like Web Design, Web Banner and for Digital Related Designs. CMYK ( CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW, KRYPTON ) CMYK, … Continue reading COLOR SPACE